A Devil’s Handmaidens MC Novel

Wolf Creek Chapter Book 1

by Nia Farrell

Release Date 9 March 2023

Length 41,588 words

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Rumer Presley McKee

Seven years ago, I came to Illinois to claim an inheritance and discover my roots, but I found Blue, too—only I knew from the start I couldn’t keep him. He was a means to an end, and that was all. Stealing from him was my ticket to joining the Devil’s Handmaidens MC, which quickly became my family while I waited for my father’s estate to get settled. Now that it is, I’m ready to move on with my life.

Blue Boy aka Sean Callahan

I’ve never met a more perfect partner than Rumer, a beautiful woman who was open to exploring and unashamed of her sexuality. Warning her that all the Avenging Angels MC men were Dominants didn’t faze her. We had one magical weekend together before she disappeared, stealing away like a thief in the night.

I know now why she accepted my sister’s challenge. I’ve nearly forgiven her for delivering a family heirloom to get into Scarlett’s club. When fate brings us together again, the flames burn brighter than ever. The chemistry between us hasn’t changed, but Rumer’s rich now. Way out of my league.

Everyone wants a piece of her. I just want her, and I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her.

This second-chance romance contains adult situations, kidnapping, consensual kink, advanced BDSM, and adult roleplay. Although the first half of their story appears in Skin (Avenging Angels MC Book 7), Nobody’s Baby can be read as a standalone. Written for Ages 18+.

Excerpt 1 (PG13):

“Why are y’all here?” she demanded to know, her Southern accent as thick as ever.  “Shouldn’t Simon Blackheart be at your door with candy and a cutlass?”

He supposed he should be flattered she remembered his annual tradition, dressing in his steampunk airship pirate attire to greet the neighborhood trick-or-treaters.

“That’s tomorrow,” he told her.  “Halloween is on Sunday this year.”

The city ordinance allowed trick-or-treating on Saturday—unless Halloween fell on Sunday, October thirty-first.  This year was the exception to the rule.

The craziest idea popped into his head, taking hold and refusing to let go.

“You once promised you’d do what you could to make things right.  To start, I want you to find a wenchy-looking steampunk costume and spend tomorrow night with me handing out candy to the kids.”

She narrowed her eyes, suspicion swirling in their depths.  “Let me get this straight.  Y’all want me to dress like a steampunk wench for Halloween?”

“And spend the night with me,” he repeated.

“Handing out candy to the kids.  What happens when the candy’s gone, the porch light is off, and trick-or-treating is over?” she asked.

“That’s up to you,” he said softly.  “I’m a Dominant.  Nothing happens without consent.  Even Simon Blackheart does roleplay—not real—forced compliance.  But if you want to be carried off to a dungeon and ravaged, being in costume will help set the mood for everything that follows.  So, tell me, Ms. McKee, will you be my wench for Halloween and spend the night with me?”

She thought about it, gaze shifting while she weighed her choices.  “If I come, it will be in costume.  If I spend the night…,” she stressed the first word, making it sound doubtful.  “If I choose to stay, I will sleep alone in the guest room, and I want those Japanese scrambled eggs for breakfast.”

The last time she’d come, she’d put her things in a spare room and spent three nights in his bed.  The first morning she was there, he’d fixed her scrambled eggs with shiitake mushrooms, small tomatoes, and fresh spinach.  Note to self: get groceries tonight.  The Italian-owned supermarket would be closed, but the twenty-four-hour supercenter should have everything he needed.

“Eggs,” he repeated in English and Japanese.  Most people couldn’t tell by looking that his great-grandmother was born in Kyoto.

Rumer dipped her chin.  “I’ll hand out candy but don’t expect anything more.”

“I’ll expect nothing less,” he said, “even if I’m hoping for more.  Remember, true power lies in the submissive’s hands.  Sex or no sex, kink or no kink—it will be your choice.  From vanilla to fifty shades of filthy, we’ll do whatever works for you.”

Seven years ago, he’d been delighted when she was curious about the lifestyle and had agreed to a play session in his private dungeon.  They’d started with roleplay spanking, followed by shibari on a sex swing, and ended with bondage in bed.

It was some of the best sex he’d ever had.  With no prior BDSM experience, she’d certainly never done anything like it.

When she searched his face again, her brown eyes were alight with interest.  Her lips grudgingly tipped into a smile.  “Y’all are still aiming to be the best fake boyfriend ever.”

The weekend they’d spent together, that was almost her mantra.  Best fake boyfriend ever.  She’d named him that time and again.

By Monday, he’d wished it were true.

Come Tuesday morning, she was gone.

Blue shook his head.  “Not this time.  No play except roleplay.  No deception.  No hiding the truth.  From this point on, whatever happens is the real deal.  Lie to me again, and you’ll lose any chance of us being friends, do you understand?”

Excerpt 2 (NSFW):

Blue had warned that things would start when she left the bathroom, and her inner wench was more than ready for some airship pirate roleplay.

Taking a deep breath, she pushed the door open and stepped into the hallway. Before she could blink, a huge burlap sack dropped over her head, and what felt like a leather belt banded her chest, pinning her arms against her side. She squealed with Simon Blackheart hoisted her over his muscled shoulder and headed for the stairs.

He smacked her ass when she dared to wiggle and growled for her to stay still. “No noise, if you know what’s good for you,” he warned in his gravelly pirate voice. “I’d have to cut out that tongue when I’ve other used for it.”

Rumor mock-whimpered, enjoying the kidnapping fantasy too much to ruin it.

He carried her down two flights of stairs, boot heel strikes marking his steps as he crossed to the concrete basement floor. Opening the dungeon door, he walked around a bit to disorient her. He paused and a second after he moved his arm, she heard the soft hum of an engine. Opening another door, he set her down to stand on a metal floor.

Rumer shivered, her skin dimpling with erotic goosebumps, remembering the antique steam elevator cage with its sex swing. But when he loosened her arms and pulled off the sack, she found herself in a steampunk airship captain’s cabin.

The walls and door were riveted metal, with a single metal support post and overhead beams studded with rings for bondage and suspension. The hammock on one side was the right height for a sex swing, and the sea chest was likely full of ropes and vintage sex toys. The porthole above captain’s bunk revealed a starry sky above a moonlit sea, the sparse clouds moving, making it seem like they were in motion.

Rumer was impressed. The engine noise and digital display added to the atmosphere, maintaining the illusion for their roles of a kidnapped wench and an airship pirate. There was nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. Any attempt to escape would be suicidal.

She was completely at his mercy.

“Please,” she whispered, her voice tremulous.

Grinning evilly, Simon Blackheart stripped her with his eyes, then his hands, unwrapping her like a package delivered solely for his pleasure. Thankfully, he took his time and was careful with her clothes, tossing each piece on a pile near the door until the only thing left was her ribbon choker.

Grasping the key at Rumer’s throat, he pulled her against him, the wool of his pants and coat coarse against her skin.

“That’s better,” he hummed. Sounding pleased, he swept her with his smoldering gaze and Rumer quivered, keenly aware of the latent sexual promise in his eyes.

“Listen up, if you know what’s good for you,” he rumbled. “Make no mistake. Aboard this ship, I’m the only thing standing between you and a long fall straight into Davy’s locker. After my crew is finished with you, that is. So, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll give me whatever I want however I want it. Please me, and you’ll live to see another day. Bob your head if you understand.”

Lowering her gaze to his throat tattoo, Rumer nodded.

“Good.” Dropping his free hand to his fly, he pushed the buttons through the holes and reached inside to pull his erection free. There were no new piercings that she could see beyond the metal studs that pierced his glans and ribbed the underside of his erection. A drop of precum was pearled in his slit. “Now on your knees, wench, and bob that head again….”



(Avenging Angels MC Book 7)

by Nia Farrell

Release Date February18, 2023

Length 44,153 words

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Blue Boy aka Sean Callahan

When a biker from a rival club chases a beautiful woman into my arms, I gladly agree to play her fake boyfriend. By evening’s end, she’s willing to take me home and spend the night. Imagine my surprise when she’s up for some kinky roleplay. This woman is a mystery and the most perfect partner I’ve ever had, submissive by nature and willing to explore.

I should have known it was too good to be true.

This book contains adult situations, consensual kink, advanced BDSM, and adult roleplay, and ends with the couple going their separate ways. Their story concludes in Nobody’s Baby (A Devil’s Handmaidens MC Novel: Wolf Creek Chapter Book 1), a second-chance romance out 9 March 2023. Written for Ages 18+.

Excerpt 1:

“We need to talk first. See what you like. What you’re interested in, what’s a hard limit, and what you’re open to trying. Let’s sit down and we can discuss it.”

Blue slid a hand onto the small of her back and guided her to the far end of the room, settling her in one chair while he took the other.  “Vanilla is always an option,” he began.

“Or fifty shades of filthy,” she purred, her dark eyes gleaming with anticipation.

She was already aroused, and Blue hadn’t touched her yet.  Rumer Presley McKee promised to be a very responsive partner, but where they’d just met, he didn’t know how far she’d agree to go.  Most women weren’t comfortable with bondage until they’d known a Dominant long enough to trust him implicitly.

“I have sex toys, including clit and nipple clamps, vibrators, dildos, anal plugs, anal beads, blindfolds, ball gags.  Breakaway handcuffs if you want the experience of being bound with the ability to free yourself at any time.  Where this is our first session, I’d suggest waiting on rope, duct tape, stainless cuffs, and hogties.”

So far, so good. Rumer seemed okay with everything he’d been saying.

“I have a whole wall devoted to impact play,” he continued.  “Floggers, tawses, canes, whips.  And there’s always sensory play.  Feathers, vampire gloves, Wartenberg wheels, ice, fire, electric sex wands, needles, surgical staples for lacing ribbon corsets, fisting your hair—the list goes on.  There’s a lot to consider,” he said softly.  “I should have asked if you have any experience with BDSM before throwing it all out there.  Have you ever done kink?”

She caught her lower lip between her teeth.  “Do spankings count?”

“They do,” he assured her, happy to see that the memory wasn’t distressing.  “Do you want to tell me about it?  I don’t need to know names, just context.  What brought it on and how it was done.  More importantly, how you felt during and after discipline.”

“Well,” she began, “it was my junior year of college, and the professor had handed out assignments.  Mine was so abstract I couldn’t wrap my head around what he wanted.  Instead of asking for clarification, I gave it my best shot and turned in my work.  He called me into his office after class.”

A junior in college would have made her twenty-one or pushing it.  A legal adult and far from a minor if a predatory professor wanted to minimize risk.

Rumer shifted in her seat.  Pressing her legs together, she rubbed her palms on her denim-clad thighs.  “He took me to task.  Scolded me for not coming to him when I was having problems.  Communication is key, he stressed.  Then he started talking about how back in the old days, teachers would discipline students with a birch rod or a paddle or their hand on a bare bottom, and he asked if I’d ever been spanked.  I’d noticed his voice changed…, grew rougher and deeper when he was talking about it, but learning I’d never been spanked got him excited.  Like, really excited,” she said meaningfully.  “One thing led to another, and pretty soon, I was bent over his desk getting paddled.”

“And then what?” Blue asked, struggling to control his anger.  Her professor had targeted her.  Had inappropriately touched her in his office, on campus where rules of misconduct were supposed to protect her.  The misuse of his authority was unethical if not criminal.

“He scolded me again for not talking to him and sent me on my way.”

What?  Had he heard her right?  Her professor had spanked her.  Just spanked her.  Nothing else had happened… unless he’d called her in again, the bastard.

“Without having sex?” he asked.

“Without having sex—or at least with me.  Come to think of it, the boy waiting to see him was sitting funny the next day in class.  Gay or bi, I could never tell with my professor, but he definitely had a spanking fetish.”

“Did he ever call you in again, or was it an isolated incident?”

“That was it,” she told him.  “The next class, it was like it never happened.  He was the serious teacher I knew, not the kinky professor I’d seen.”

He studied her face, trying to discern if she was disappointed or grateful, but her schooled features weren’t giving anything away.

“And how did you feel about it?” he wondered.  “While he was doing it and after it was over?”

“I was shocked.  Intrigued.  Aroused.  By the time he got done, I was hoping he’d pull down my panties and take me on his desk, but that didn’t happen.  I went back to my student apartment, got my vibrator, and gave myself a massive O.  And I got an A on my assignment after all that.  I filed being spanked like a naughty schoolgirl under life experience and moved on.”

Excerpt (NSWF):

“Very clever, Miss McKee,” he began, shifting to the accented speech pattern he used as Sirius Blackheart, his airship pirate persona when he did steampunk cosplay. “But we must address two earlier incidents where you took liberties with my person without asking for or receiving permission. Grabbing my posterior whilst dancing. Fondling my front when I was giving you a tour of the property. You have been lewd and disrespectful, young lady, and it’s glaringly apparent that a lesson in decorum must be administered and proper behavior reinforced. You will approach my desk, drop your knickers to your knees, and bend yourself over it to await your punishment. Twenty-two strokes to begin with, one for every year of wisdom you should have gained but failed to demonstrate.”

It was odd how Sirius had slipped out before he could stop him. He wasn’t sure how Rumer would react to his use of antiquated language, but given the setting they were in, she seemed fine with it.

Rumer rose gracefully and approached his desk with trepidation. Halting when she reached its front, she unfastened her jeans, hooked her fingers in her waistbands, and pulled everything down to her knees, baring her perfectly toned alabaster ass. No tanning booth for this Southern miss. Her skin was almost as fair as magnolia blossoms.

And not a tattoo to be seen. A virgin canvas.

He wondered if her ass was virgin, too.

If so, he hoped she’d be willing to lose her anal virginity. Get her to that point, and he’d see how far she was willing to go. Mouth, pussy, ass—he’d love to claim them all.

If she wasn’t sure about anal or changed her mind, one word would stop things, whatever he was doing. His blue balls would complain, but nothing more would happen without her clear consent.

Bending over his desk, she rested her forearms on his custom steampunk-crafted leather blotter. Her position displayed that pert, spankable ass to perfection.

He crossed the floor, boot heels tapping on the hardwood floor until he hit the edge of the rug. Approaching her from behind, he made certain she heard each measured step, noting the dimpled skin of her arms and the shiver that racked her frame. Some of her waist-length curls shifted, sliding off her shoulders to pool on his blotter.

Lifting his hand, he ran the backs of his knuckles down her spine to where her tank top ended and her glorious skin began. Twisting his wrist, he spread his fingers and fondled her buttocks, admiring the tone, the tempting shape. Giving one cheek a squeeze, he drew back his hand and spanked it hard enough to make her squeak.

“That’s one,” he intoned, still in Sirius Blackheart mode. “I will not make you count this time. I want you to consider your actions and repent of your misdeeds whilst I see that you are properly punished.”

Pulling back his hand, he spanked the other cheek, leaving a matched set of reddened prints on her fair skin. “Two,” he counted. “Three….”

Remembering what she’d said about being stronger than she looked, he didn’t pull punches, building his strokes until she was taking everything a painslut like Star could handle. “Twenty-two,” he pronounced, shoving his hand in her crotch to feel her sodden folds. “You’re soaking wet,” he rumbled. “And I’m hard as oak for you. I should warn you, I’m pierced down there, a magic cross through my glans and a Jacob’s ladder underneath. Are you going to be a good girl and take my cock? Words,” he demanded. “Say yes, Sir, and I will nail this ass to my desk tonight and pound your cunny into tomorrow.”



(Game.Set.Match. Superhero Trilogy Book 1

by Nia Farrell

It’s hard dating a hero….

Anastasia Kent owns Books & Brew, a bookstore and coffee shop in Traverse City, Illinois, where the Legends League and its superheroes serve to keep the citizens safe. One of her customers is Oliver Thomas, a prize-winning photojournalist who handles dangerous assignments with aplomb but has to work up the courage to ask her out.

Ana knows Oliver is used to keeping secrets, given his profession, but she doesn’t know that he has secrets of his own. If the local Cartel thinks she matters to Oliver’s alter ego, Red Flyer, she’ll become a target, too.

Take a conflicted superhero, add a clueless heroine, throw a villain named Dark Obsession into the mix, and let the games begin.

#OutNow #MustRead #Romance #ContemporaryRomance #superhero #trilogy #NiaFarrell #Amazon #anthology #RomanceBooks

Excerpt (PG13):

Just as she reached the last table, laden with sales and clearance items, Oliver turned his gaze back to Wendy’s painting.

“Gorillas in the Mist,” Ana remarked, unable to pass on the opportunity to speak to him about something non-work-related.  Usually, it was a special-order book or a caffeinated beverage from the store’s coffee bar.  “The artist painted it as a tribute to Jane Goodall.”

Oliver swung his head toward her and smiled.  “Dr. Goodall.  Lovely person.  I had the good fortune of interviewing her once.  I’ll forever consider it one of the highlights of my career.”

“Oh, wow,” Ana breathed.  “That’s amazing.  I—”

When Oliver leaned forward, her mother’s voice chided her for getting distracted.  She needed to be looking through the summer catalog, not making small talk with her handsome customer.  “I’d love to hear more, but duty awaits.  You know how it goes.”

Oliver’s smile dimmed.  “Duty.  Yes, I know all too well how it goes.  But we can rectify that if you’re free for dinner tonight.”

Holy shit.

Ana’s pulse leaped as she processed what just happened.  Oliver Thomas had invited her to dinner.  After months of dancing around each other, he’d finally gotten the courage to ask her out.  Not that the man lacked courage.  He had to be brave in his profession, willing to go where more cautious journalists would never dare to tread.

His article on Chicago street gangs had been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

“I….”  She stopped short, nearly cringing when she realized she couldn’t go.  “I’m sorry.  I can’t tonight.  Prior commitment.”  One she’d be an asshole to try and get out of, darn the luck.  A cousin she hadn’t seen in twenty years was coming tonight for a visit before heading home tomorrow.  There’s no way she’d cancel on her.  “Maybe another night…?”

She returned the ball to his corner, hoping he’d pick it up.

And he did.

“How about Saturday?” he suggested an alternative.  “Dinner at Fiddler’s, say, seven p.m.?”

“Fiddler’s?” she croaked, wondering if she’d heard him right.  The two-star steakhouse on the roof of the swanky Royal Arms hotel had a month-long waiting list.

“Yes, Fiddler’s,” Oliver repeated firmly, seeing her concern.  Ana wished she could hide things better, but her face was as open as any book in her store.  “The owner thinks he owes me.  Reservations won’t be a problem, but I can call now and confirm if you’d like.”

“Um, yes?  But….”

She whispered the last part too late.  He was already punching a number into his cell phone.

Ana cringed, hoping she hadn’t offended him with her lackluster reaction.  But Jesus.  The rich and famous dined at Fiddler’s.

She’d need a dress.  She should have suggested next Saturday.  To pull everything together at this short notice would take a minor miracle.

Then again, she lived in a city where superheroes patrolled the skies and kicked villain ass in the streets.  Traverse City was home to signs and wonders.  What was another miracle or two?


Game.Set.Match. is an adult superhero trilogy from USA Today best-selling author Nia Farrell. Fictional Traverse City, Illinois, is home to the Legends League of superheroes and the villainous Traverse City Cartel. The archvillains and superheroes are careful to keep their identities secret, but thanks to a clueless friend, the lines are about to blur between one crusader and his nemesis.

The story centers on superhero Red Flyer (aka spy novelist Oliver Thomas), the villainous Dark Obsession (aka musician Derrick Michaels), and local bookstore owner Anastasia Kent.  Misinterpreting the looks the two men constantly give each other, Ana believes they’re fighting a mutual attraction and decides to play matchmaker.

Let the games begin.

Books in the Game.Set.Match. trilogy:

GAME (Book 1). Oliver and Anastasia.  The beginning of their relationship (a story ending in HFN) will be part of the Renegade Siege: Superhero Legacy adult anthology out January 21, 2023, from AMR Publishing. The novella will be expanded to a full-length novel for single title release.

SET (Book 2). Anastasia and Derrick.

MATCH (Book 3). An eventual and uneasy MMF ménage with Derrick, Oliver, and Anastasia.



(Guarded Hearts Order of the Dragon Book 4)

by Claire Marta and Nia Farrell

Length: 73,137 words

Cover Design by Crystal Visions

Release Date February 12, 2022

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Guarded Hearts Order of the Dragon Series webpage

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Jesse James has dedicated her life to helping shifter women who’ve been trafficked and abused. She never imagined becoming one of them. Kidnapped and drugged, the clouded leopard shifter finds herself spirited away to a mountain ranch that deals in more than horses. With little hope of escape, she fears she’s destined for the sex slave trade.

When news reaches the Hell’s Fury MC’s Las Vegas Chapter about a missing woman, Chaos and Wraith volunteer to help search. But things take an unfortunate turn, and they end up as prisoners, too. Trapped in a nightmare, they not only discover their fated mate but find themselves auctioned off to the highest bidder with her.

Expecting to fight their way out, the three quickly learn that the ranch has a darker, even more insidious side. Thrown together, Jesse, Chaos, and Wraith must work as a team if they hope to get out alive.

The race is on, and the clock is ticking. Will they be able to claim the woman who’s meant for them, or will they die trying?

This steamy paranormal interracial MFM ménage contains adult situations and possible triggers. While the book centers on the three main characters, reading the previous books in Guarded Hearts Season Two is recommended, beginning with Hell’s Fury MC: Dangerous Curves (Guarded Heart Book 7.5). Written for Ages 18+.

The eleven books in Guarded Hearts Order of the Dragon Series feature members of the Hell’s Fury MC, Las Vegas NV Chapter, who appear as secondary characters in the original Guarded Hearts Series. While this book centers on the three main characters, reading the previous books in the Guarded Hearts Order of the Dragon Series is recommended, beginning with Hell’s Fury MC: Dangerous Curves (Guarded Heart Order of the Dragon Book 1).

#momswhodirtyread #MustRead #Romance #ParanormalRomance #PNR #Paranormal #MC #shifters #ménage #forcedproximity #interracial #IR #multicultural #shifterswithascifitwist #ClaireMarta #NiaFarrell #Amazon #KindleUnlimited #KU #HellsFuryMC #GuardedHeartsDragonSeries #GuardedHearts #GuardedHeartsuniverse #OrderoftheDragon #romancebooktok #authorsoftiktok #spicybooktok #romancebooksoftiktok #authorsofinstagram

Hell’s Fury MC: Jesse Excerpt 1 (PG13):

Crawling onto the bed, she lay flat on her back and clutched the sheet to anchor herself, blinking quickly but unable to stop the tears rolling down from the corners of her eyes.

There was silence for a beat, and then the side of the mattress dipped as Wraith sat beside her.

“It’s okay,” he crooned softly.  “Don’t cry, bean àlainn.

His gentle words only made her tears fall faster.  “I don’t want to—”

“I know.  I know….”  Leaning forward, he kissed the dampness from her cheeks, slowly working his way to her mouth.  Finding her lips, he brushed them with his in a sweet, tender kiss.

“Hush now.  Don’t look at the cameras,” he told her quietly.  “You can watch me or close your eyes, but I swear I’ll make this good for you.”

Nodding, Jesse screwed her eyes shut, unable to stop the shivers racking her body.  Callused fingers brushed her hip, making her jump.  Caressing gently, they skimmed her stomach and arm as if he was trying to get her used to his hands on her body.

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” Wraith murmured, his breath warm against the curve of her breast.  “Don’t be frightened, bean àlainn.  Don’t be shy.  You can touch me anywhere you want.”

Jesse wet her lips with her tongue and shook her head.  “Just get on with it.”

She wanted it over and done with so she could go back to her cell.  Maybe she’d be left alone then once the buyers had what they wanted—at least until she got shipped off.

“You deserve more,” he whispered.  “Better than this.  I’d take you to a cabin in the mountains, somewhere remote.  Secluded but with all the amenities.  A bottle of wine.  A roaring fire.  A hot tub on the deck where we’d drink champagne and eat strawberries by moonlight while snowflakes drifted down around us.  And when we came inside, I’d lay you on a rug in front of the hearth and treasure every inch of you….”

Excerpt 2 (NSFW):

Jesse needed more, and when he didn’t offer it, she pressed herself against his length, thrust her hands under his ponytail to wrap around his neck, and pulled him to her for a kiss that made him ache with need.  He moaned into her mouth, and she swallowed it, deepening her kiss, slipping her tongue between his lips to twine with his.

“Jesse,” he moaned when she finally came up for air.  “We can’t.”

That’s what he said.  She proved him wrong, pushing him over and mounting him like an Amazon warrior of old.  Grasping his erection, she dragged the head along her slit to wet it with her juices, notched it in her opening, and lowered herself onto his shaft, working its length inside until she was seated to the hilt.  Wraith stayed where he was, watching Jesse reclaim her power.

She’d been a virgin when they’d taken her.  Tonight, she was learning how to take her own pleasure, using him to do it.  Crossing her arms, she grabbed the hem of her shirt, ripped it off, and tossed it aside, not caring where it fell.  Cupping her breasts, she kneaded her tits and played with her nipples, twisting them between her fingers and making herself moan. 

Chaos jacked his hips, thrusting up as she pushed down, watching the play of emotions on her face, determination laced with desire.  Her eyes flickered, revealing glimpses of her cat side, a clouded leopard huntress on the prowl.  An exotic beauty in real life, she was stunning when she went feral on him, riding him to completion, her walls gripping his erection and squeezing out her juices.  He reached to grasp her hips, close to his own climax, but she twisted off him, abandoning him in favor of Wraith.

Grabbing his shoulder, she pushed him onto his back, straddled his waist, and impaled herself on his erection, sinking down on it inch by inch.  Planting her palms on his pecs, she fucked Wraith, the musk of their joining and the liquid sounds of sex filling the air.

Remembering the monitors in the hallway, Chaos experienced a moment of panic, certain that Miles had seen them enter Jesse’s room and would come racing to her rescue at any moment.  But if he was listening, the only thing coming through the door was Jesse’s pants and growls and the keening cry she gave as she climaxed.

Wraith grasped her waist and snapped his hips, driving in deep and coming inside her.  Accepting it, she lowered herself to lie on his body, replete from her orgasms and depleted by the energy she’d expended.  Her panting breaths grew calmer, becoming slow and shallow as she drifted off in the circle of his brother’s arms.


Check out Guarded Hearts Order of the Dragon (Hell’s Fury MC) at Amazon (free with KU). Book 3 in this series was voted The 50 Best Indie Books of the 2021.


Hell’s Fury MC: Dangerous Curves (Book 1) (13 Apr 2021)

Hell’s Fury MC: Rory (Book 2) (1 May 2021)

Hell’s Fury MC: Blue (Book 3) (8 Aug 2021). Voted one of The 50 Best Indie Books of 2021.

Hell’s Fury MC: Jesse (Book 4) (12 Feb 2022)

Hell’s Fury MC: Kit (Book 5) (11 June 2022)

Hell’s Fury MC: Scout (Book 6)  (22 Oct 2022)

Hell’s Fury MC: Emerson (Book 7)

Hell’s Fury MC: Kai (Book 8.)

Hell’s Fury MC: Max (Book 9)

Hell’s Fury MC: Dare (Book 10)

Hell’s Fury MC: Remy (Book 11)



(Guarded Hearts Order of the Dragon Book 5)

by Claire Marta and Nia Farrell

Length: 58,542 words. Cover Design by Crystal Visions.

Release Date June 11, 2022

Amazon Universal Link

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Amazon UK

Teasers and Excerpts



Guarded Hearts Order of the Dragon Series webpage

Guarded Hearts Order of the Dragon Series at Amazon

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A woman with secrets and a man with a past in an unusual second-chance romance.

Kathryn “Kit” Carson dreams of opening a riding school, but between her father Ed’s drinking and gambling, she’s barely keeping the family ranch afloat. When debt forces Ed to rent two empty barns, Kit is wary of their tenant, suspecting illegal activities. Caught snooping, she finds herself in over her head with her life on the line.

Blaze is part of The Order of the Dragon, whose members comprise the Hell’s Fury MC Las Vegas Chapter. A gargoyle warrior who’s survived tragedy and bloodshed, he lives with guilt from his distant past. Called to protect and defend, when he crosses paths with a desperate young woman, he doesn’t hesitate to save her.

Kit can’t afford to trust the handsome shifter who offers her sanctuary, but she can’t deny she’s inexplicably drawn to him. With her secrets exposed comes the realization that she is Blaze’s fated mate.

When danger follows Kit, Blaze fears that history is repeating itself. The past and the present are on a collision course, and one of them may not survive.

This steamy paranormal romance contains adult situations and possible triggers. Written for Ages 18+.

The eleven books in Guarded Hearts Order of the Dragon Series feature members of the Hell’s Fury MC, Las Vegas NV Chapter, who appear as secondary characters in the original Guarded Hearts Series. While this book centers on the two main characters, reading the previous books in the Guarded Hearts Order of the Dragon Series is recommended, beginning with Hell’s Fury MC: Dangerous Curves (Guarded Heart Order of the Dragon Book 1).

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Hell’s Fury MC: Dangerous Curves (Book 1) (13 Apr 2021)

Hell’s Fury MC: Rory (Book 2) (1 May 2021)

Hell’s Fury MC: Blue (Book 3) (8 Aug 2021). Voted one of The 50 Best Indie Books of 2021.

Hell’s Fury MC: Jesse (Book 4) (12 Feb 2022)

Hell’s Fury MC: Kit (Book 5) (11 June 2022)

Hell’s Fury MC: Scout (Book 6) http://mybook.toGHD6Scout (22 Oct 2022)

Hell’s Fury MC: Emerson (Book 7)

Hell’s Fury MC: Kai (Book 8.)

Hell’s Fury MC: Max (Book 9)

Hell’s Fury MC: Dare (Book 10)

Hell’s Fury MC: Remy (Book 11)

Excerpt 1 (PG13):

Four weeks had passed since her father made a deal with those men. The next night, she’d heard the distant sound of trucks heading toward the two old barns. She’d wondered what they were transporting under cover of darkness. She grew even more suspicious after seeing armed men posted outside the structures.

Construction equipment, her ass. Whatever they had in the barns was worth a helluva lot more than that. Either her father was oblivious, or he was turning a blind eye to what was going on.

Kit was worried that the situation they had gotten themselves into would be far more trouble than it was worth.

Standing on the porch, she glanced across the yard to the paddock and stable, restlessness trickling through her. She’d already mucked out the stalls and seen to the horses. The chickens needed feeding, and eggs had to be gathered.

Her father was in his chair in front of the TV, snoring softly, a half-finished bottle of beer cradled against his chest. He wasn’t going to be any help. Ed Carson rarely was.

Kit sighed. It was never going to change. Unless business picked up where they could afford to hire help, she would be the only one doing things around here.

Grabbing a wicker basket, she skipped down the steps and walked across the yard. The chickens were clucking quietly and pecking lazily at the ground, warming under the mid-morning sun. Thankfully, today promised to be milder than yesterday’s blistering heat.

She scattered the chicken feed, refilled the watering stations, and headed to the back of the coop to check the nesting boxes. They had a flock of good laying hens that provided them with eggs. What she didn’t keep got sold, bringing in a bit of money that was sorely needed. She did the same with the jams and fruit she canned, keeping some and selling the rest. Even the vegetables she grew went to make an earning.

Other chickens went in the stew pot, sometimes with vegetables and noodles added, yielding cans of meat, broth, and soup to stock their pantry. Cooking and canning were some of the homesteading skills she’d learned from her Aunt Mary. She had ensured Kit could be as self-sufficient as possible, with the ability to survive on the ranch without relying on others.

The only thing she couldn’t do was tend to the horses when they got sick. Dr. Laskaris was always on hand, though, if anything happened. He was a shifter (although she wasn’t sure what kind), but he had a way with horses that put them at ease.

There were plenty of eggs to find when she checked the straw, plucking them up from where they were nestled to place in her basket. Finished gathering, she left the hens to eat and headed back to the house.

Kit had a few hours before she had to start lunch. Still feeling restless, she knew that a ride would help.

Hurrying into the house, she set the filled basket on the kitchen table and transferred the eggs to empty cartons. Dating and stacking them in the refrigerator, she washed her hands in the sink and dried them on a hand towel she kept beside it. Satisfied with her morning’s labors, she checked on her sleeping father before heading out.

Striding toward the stable, she gave the east barns a thoughtful glance. A flash of white caught her eye, the T-shirt of one of the men stationed outside them. Was he armed? Most likely. The thought of handguns on the property made Kit shiver. She didn’t like violence.

Reaching the paddock, she chose Merry, the black-and-white pinto mare, to ride. She liked to alternate between the horses to make sure they all got to stretch their legs. Saddling the mare, she gathered the reins, led Merry out of the paddock, and closed the gate behind them. Putting her hand on the pommel, she was ready to mount up when a flurry of motion at the barn caught her eye.

What in heaven’s name was happening? What was going on? Asking her father would get her nowhere. She’d already tried. The only way she would get answers was to check it out herself, but she needed to be wise. The men in their kitchen had struck her as dangerous. If they realized she was snooping, there’d be hell to pay.

Excerpt 2 (NSFW):

Driven by desperation rooted in the distant past, Blaze kissed her fiercely, letting her feel the strength of his passion. His Joan responded, parting her lips to deepen their kiss. Tongues dueled, tested, tasted, tangling in an erotic dance that stole his breath and left him hungry for more.

Grabbing the long cushion from Maria Perez’s lounge chair, he pulled it onto the ground near the fire and laid Joan on top of it. Stretching out beside her, he kissed her fiercely, sliding his thigh over hers to wedge his knee between her legs. He kissed her again, whispering his love in Old French, hearing her vow the same. Moving his hand from her face to her neck, he slid it down, encountering the swell of her unbound breast. Spreading his fingers, he claimed the crest, tightening his hold and feeling her response.

She moaned into his mouth, her hips shifting restlessly, silently begging for more when she was too shy to ask for it.

But he needed the words. He must know beyond doubt that she wanted this, too. He was trying to earn redemption, and fucking with a saint would set him back years, if not eons.

“Tell me,” he whispered in English. “Tell me what you want. Name it, and it’s yours.”

“You,” she said simply, eyes heavy-lidded with passion, fingers tugging at his shirt and lifting it for her hands to explore beneath. “I’ve always wanted you. Please…?”

Driven by centuries of unrequited passion, Blaze didn’t waste time stripping. A quick pull left her pantiless, ruining her cotton briefs that he tossed to the side. Undoing the button of his jeans, he eased down his zipper, taking care not to catch anything as he lowered it. Reaching, he pulled his erection out of his briefs and fisted it, working precum from the tip. One last bit of sanity remained, enough to realize that she’d never be able to handle him without enough foreplay to get her wet and stretch her out.

He cupped her sex and suckled her breast through her nightgown, feeling her sodden folds and inhaling the musk of her arousal. She tilted her pelvis up, meeting his hand and rubbing herself on his fingers. Parting her seam, he stroked her slit and found the hard nub of flesh at its apex. Using two fingers, he polished her pearl, rubbing, circling, catching it between his fingers, and pinching it. At the same time, he sucked her nipple hard into his mouth and tormented the tip with his tongue.

Breathing became a challenge for her. She panted, air sloughing between clenched teeth as she fought to draw enough in to feed her fire. Her breaths became ragged, short, sharp bursts out and labored, extended pulls in. Her thighs quivered, and her body arched, holding for a moment before shattering in his arms.

He pushed his middle finger into her while her walls were still spasming, relishing the feel of her snug little pussy gripping his digit. He started fucking her with it, pushing it, pulling out, going deeper, working until he was buried to the knuckle in her sheath. Pumping his arm, he added a second finger and a third, making her gasp to feel it.

“It’s alright,” he swore. “I need to make sure you can handle me.”

“Please,” she begged him. “I’m so empty, it hurts.”

He was hurting, too. “Are you sure?” he asked, giving her one last chance to stop. After this, he knew there’d be no going back.

“Oui,” she whispered. “Come lie with me and be my love….”

The poem was from another time and place, but it didn’t matter. Nothing did except knowing she was his to have and hold after centuries of empty arms and a wounded heart.

Coming over her, Blaze eased up her hem, exposing the wedge of dark curls in the delta of her thighs and settling himself between them. He took himself in hand and stroked her seam, wetting himself on her juices before finding her opening and notching his glans inside. Pushing, he wedged in deeper, breaching her entrance and forging up her passage, stopping when he encountered the proof of her purity. Straightening his elbows, he looked at the young woman beneath him. Her languorous eyes were glazed with desire, and her perfect lips were swollen from his kisses.

“Look at me,” he ordered. Locking gazes, he snapped his hips and shattered her hymen. She gasped to feel it, tears springing into her eyes. “You’re mine,” he told her, starting to move, determined to make her feel pleasure despite the pain. “You’ve always been mine. You feel it, too, don’t you?”

“Yes,” she choked out, her expression shifting from initial acceptance to looking overwhelmed by what fate had in store.

He drove into her harder than he probably should have, but she moaned and rose to meet him. Encouraged by her body’s response despite a lingering look of trepidation, he made love to her, working his way until he was buried deep inside her.

Heaven. She felt like heaven. He swore he could hear a choir of angels singing at their union and blessing it.

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by Nia Farrell


Release Date March 20, 2022

99¢ or FREE with KU.

A St. Patrick’s Day theme short story, length 5,725 words.

Amazon Universal Link      Amazon US     Amazon UK

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A married submissive craves more than what her husband can give her.


It’s St. Patrick’s Day at Replay BDSM theme resort, and the Scottish village has been transformed into 16th century Ireland. Married five years now, Rowena MacDonald loves her husband, Micheil, but longs to scene with multiple partners.

Except her Dominant husband doesn’t share.

What happens when a married couple faces a harsh reality? Will Rowena convince Micheil that wanting more doesn’t mean she loves him less?

Naughty Shenanigans is a sizzling BDSM romance with adult themes and consensual power exchange, written for Ages 18+. The Replay Reunions are companion short stories to the Replay series, which includes two Golden Flogger Finalists for Best BDSM Book of the Year.

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For better or worse, she and her twin sister Breanna had Dominant husbands who didn’t share. Then again, their Doms didn’t join in scenes with other partners, either. And here she was, wishing for more while questioning how she would feel if Micheil desired the same. Was it selfish or natural to welcome one but not the other? It wouldn’t be fair to limit him if she wanted his restrictions on her eased. She was happy in her marriage. Glad to be his submissive. And yet these past few months, she’d been craving more. Dreaming of more.

When she took a nap, it was less that she needed sleep than she wanted to lose herself in an erotic fantasy that would eventually find its way into a story. Her erotic persona, Regina Wright, was currently working on her seventh erotic romance with tattooed bikers, forced compliance, and multiple gangbangs.

Maybe she could talk Sir Piers into having a Wild Bunch weekend with Dom bikers riding into Replay and having their way with the submissives who’ve signed on.

Thankfully, there was a blind box where someone could anonymously drop ideas without revealing themselves.

As soon as she had a chance to get Breanna alone, she told her twin what was going on. Her wet dreams of moresomes. Micheil’s noninterest in sharing. The book she was writing and how much she wished it was her.

Breanna listened and nodded in empathy. “It’s kind of the same with me,” she confessed. “They say you can’t miss what you’ve never had, but after watching all the scenes at Replay, I’ve wondered how it would feel to submit to more than one Dom. I love Gunnar, but when I dream of a Viking raid, the sex doesn’t stop with him. Although I’m not sure what they’d think of this belly.”

Regina laughed. At four months along, the baby was showing, but Breanna’s stomach wasn’t big yet. “Are you kidding? They’d see a fertile female as a gift from the gods and challenge each other for the right to keep you. Mother’s Day,” she mused aloud. “That would be a great Mother’s Day present. When Gunnar asks what you want, tell him you want the full-experience Viking raid and see what he says.”

“I don’t know,” Breanna said slowly. “I don’t want him to think I’m unhappy or unsatisfied. It’s just—”

“You’re curious,” Rowena finished for her. “It’s natural. I bet if we canvas the other subs, everyone has a secret scene they’d like to play out…, something different they’d like to try. We should talk to Aubrey. She could put a bug in Sir Josef’s ear. He’s in a position to encourage everyone—Doms, switches, and subs—to write down their fantasies and give them to Sir Piers for consideration. Even if we don’t participate, we’ll have tons of fantasy fodder.”




DHMC logo white letters

The Devil’s Handmaidens MC is a female MC collaborative series with standalone titles from a number of best-selling authors, including Nia Farrell. I’ll be writing about the Wolf Creek, Illinois, Chapter, set in Southern Illinois near the fictional town of Wolf Creek, with crossover characters from my Avenging Angels MC Series. Beast and Blue Boy’s sister, Tara (road name Scarlett), is a patched member of the local Devil’s Handmaidens MC and a bartender at Southern Comfort, a biker bar and restaurant located near the Cache River Swamp. Specializing in Cajun cuisine, Southern Comfort is owned by the Devil’s Handmaidens MC but was initially built with mob money. A major part of the club’s funding comes from high-stakes, invitation-only gambling held in the private back room.

Devil’s Handmaidens MC/Wolf Creek Chapter Book 1 will be Nobody’s Baby, a second-chance romance with Blue Boy and Rumer Presley McKee from Skin (Avenging Angels Book 7). Skin’s epilogue is where Nobody’s Baby begins. While you’ll be able to enjoy the second book as a standalone, your reading experience will be enhanced if you’ve read the main characters’ backstory in Skin.

You can follow the Devil’s Handmaidens MC Series here. I’ll be adding and updating titles, release dates, and links as they come available. Be sure to follow our Facebook readers group page here.


NOBODY’S BABY (Wolf Creek Chapter Book 1) release date March 9, 2023


Crossing Styx by Verlene Landon, release date 8/4/2022

Harlow’s Gamble by Andi Rhodes, release date 8/25/2022

Tink by D.M. Earl, release date 11/3/2022

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Piper’s Payment by K.D. Latronico, release date 1/26/2023

Untitled by W.M. Dawson, release date 2/2/2023

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Shadow by D. M. Earl, release date 2/16/23

Untitled by Debbie Mitchell, release date 3/2/23

Nobody’s Baby by Nia Farrell, release date 3/9/2023

Omega’s Revenge by Calia Wilde, release date 3/16/23

Tori’s Fall by Penny Anglene, release date 3/23/2023

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A Queen Kneels to No One by Courtney Lynn Ross, release date 4/13/2023

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Untitled by J. Lynn Lombard, release date 7/13/2023

Untitled by Jaime Russell and Melissa Filla, release date 7/13/2023

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Vixen by D.M. Earl, release date 8/24/2023

Untitled by Debbie Mitchell, release date 10/19/23

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Glory by D. M. Earl, release date 11/16/23

Untitled by Penny Anglene, release date 2/1/24

Rebel by D.M. Earl, release date 2/15/24

Untitled by Andi Rhodes, release date 2/29/24

Untitled by Nia Farrell, release date 3/7/24

Untitled by Letha Gene, release date 4/11/24

Vengeance of Lily Morgan by CJ Warrant, release date 4/15/24

Untitled by A.J. Downey, release date 4/25/24

Raven by D. M. Earl, release date 5/23/24

Wildcat by D. M. Earl, release date 8/22/24

Kiwi by D. M. Earl, release date 11/22/24

ONE (Avenging Angels MC Book 6)


by Nia Farrell

Length 48,247 words. Release date February 22, 2022.

Amazon Universal link | FREE with KU

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Jolene Chaisson draws the attention of the two Avenging Angels Enforcers

Jolene Chaisson (aka Sweet Thang) is something of a mystery. The Cajun beauty clearly comes from a privileged background, but no one knows what brought the young Louisiana woman to Illinois or how she ended up a sweetbutt in the Avenging Angels clubhouse.

To the club Enforcers Beast and Hawk, Sweet Thang is the woman they want but have never had. Even though she’s slept her way through most of the club’s single members, she’s avoided them, sensing they’re the most dangerous. When Beast and Hawk save her from being abducted and circumstances force them together, she realizes she’s never felt safer than in their arms.

But being with the Avenging Angels makes her a target for their enemies. Can Hawk and Beast protect her when Reaper reappears?

One (Avenging Angels MC Book 6) is part of a continuing storyline that begins in Find Her (Avenging Angels MC Book 1). While it can be read as a standalone, the timeline continues beyond this book, and your reading experience will be enhanced if you’ve read Books 1-5. Contains adult themes, consensual power exchange, and a BDSM relationship between two Dominant men and the submissive woman they share. MFM ménage, written for Ages 18+.

Excerpt 1 (PG13):

Beast watched the shifting look in Jolene’s whiskey eyes morph from surprise to trepidation to steely resolve. She was a brave one. He’d give her that.

He’d scared her shitless the first time she’d seen him in action, and she’d kept her distance ever since. As much as he regretted the circumstances that had thrown them together, he’d never forget how she felt lying in the circle of his arms, the softness of her skin, and the fragrance of her hair. He’d thought about asking Hawk to try and talk her into a threesome, but he didn’t want to put Jolene off his best friend, too.

“Here. Let me help,” Beast murmured, advancing slowly so that he didn’t set off any triggers. She might not remember what happened at the bar, but he fucking guaranteed her subconscious mind had recorded it all. “You need to be in bed until that shit is out of your system. Come on now, Sweet Thang. Can you stand for me?”

She planted a palm on the concrete vanity top and tried valiantly to push herself to her feet. Seeing the trouble she was having, Beast stepped in and took over. Lifting her in his arms, he carried her back to his bed, settling her in the center of the California king-sized mattress.

Grateful that she accepted his help rather than fight him, he piled pillows behind her back and pulled the top sheet over her lap, regretfully covering those killer legs of hers.

Breathing a soft sigh of relief when Hawk stepped back into the room, she bit her lip and kept her eyes downcast, refusing to look at either of them. Pride or prejudice? Beast wondered. After getting off to an unfortunate start, he was hoping that last night might turn things around. If she’d only talk to him…, give him a chance and get to know him, she’d learn that she could trust him to take care of her. Be her champion when she needed one and her Dominant as soon as he could get her to agree to a play session with him.

“I’m gonna get you some water,” he told her. “You need to drink. Hydrate. It’ll help get you back on track sooner.”

He hoped so, anyway, figuring it was a reasonable assumption. Jolene must have thought so, too, because she didn’t argue, just accepted the plastic tumbler he filled in the bathroom and pressed into her hands.

“When you’re ready, we need you to tell us about last night,” Hawk reminded her. “Everything you can remember.”

She cleared her throat, gripping the tumbler and holding it against her chest. “There was a band,” she began slowly. “It was crowded. I got a drink at the bar and was looking for a table when this guy saw me. He bought us both drinks and invited me to sit with him and his friends, Lyle, Red, and Buck. The other three were rodeo riders. Abe—the one who bought me a drink—was a clown.”

“A clown?” Beast asked, making sure he’d heard her right.

Jolene shuddered. “Nothing funny about him,” she chuffed. “I was on my second drink when I started feeling strange. I don’t remember anything after that.”

Excerpt 2 (NSFW)

“Clothes off, little girl.  Time for your bath.”

Jolene hesitated a beat before obeying.  Reaching down, she peeled off her hose and shrugged off her sheer robe, making a bundle and setting it by the black lace thong on one side of the sink.  Looking up, she met his gaze in the mirror and nervously bit her lip.

“What?” he asked, wondering what the hell was going on.  Why was she dragging her heels?

“The plug.”  She whispered the words like she was confessing her dirtiest, darkest secret.  “It’s still in.”

Beast dropped his gaze to the jeweled end winking in the incandescent light.  Hawk had said to leave it until she had to bathe or void, but he wasn’t here to remove it.

“Stay there,” he ordered.  Grabbing a spare roll of toilet tissue from beneath the sink, he tore off a section and laid it on the counter.  Pressing his left palm against the small of her back, he grasped the plug with his right hand, worked it in and out, and twisted it free, laying it on the tissue.  Her hole was slow to close but looked fine.

More than fine.

It was too damn tempting for an ass man like him.  Any notion that he could keep this impersonal shattered like broken fetters, allowing his erection to rise without impediments.

Spreading his fingers, he put his hand over the curve of her caned bottom and squeezed.

Moaning with pleasure, their Cajun painslut arched her spine and pushed back into his touch.  Between the swollen folds of her shaved pussy, her dewy slit glistened, her juices escaping to track down her thighs.  The air was thick with her musk.

Just how far would she let him go?

“Beautiful,” he murmured, the erotic timbre of his voice making her skin flock with goosebumps.  “What do you want, Sweet Thang?  You want it forced?  You want it rough?  You want me to tie you up or just throw you down and own that pussy and ass?”

He humped her crack, letting her feel just how hard he was for her.  The friction made her gasp and push her hips back to grind against him.

“Or I could take you here,” he rumbled.  “Keep you bent just like this and fuck that hungry hole of yours.  Stick my dick in your ass, fill you up, and ream you out.”

Her only response was heavy breathing and the look of desperation when their eyes met in the mirror.

Reaching for the bottom of his boxers, Beast pushed up the hem, pulled his erection out of the leg opening, and stroked it with his hand.  The vanity drawer had the lubricant and condoms he would need.  Taking out both, he ripped open a foil packet and pulled the prophylactic from its pouch.

Wrapping up, he lubed his length and wiped the excess in her crack, teasing her bunghole before dipping a finger inside.  “Safeword if you need to,” he told her, “but ten inches is coming your way.”

Jolene went still, forcing herself to relax.  Notching his glans in her hoop, Beast gripped her hips and tilted his pelvis, sinking his length into her inch by incredible inch.  She panted softly, sucking air between her teeth and pushing it out, gasping when he reached around and pinched her tit.  Keeping hold of the pebbled tip, he twisted and pulled it brutally, making her even wetter.

“I wish like hell I had clamps,” he rasped in her ear and bit it.  Sliding his hand south, he pushed his fingers into her groin and found her pleasure button.  “I’d make you stand straight and watch in the mirror while I played with your clit, tortured your nipples, and fucked your ass.”

Jolene went still for a moment.  Exhaling softly, she straightened her arms and pushed off the vanity, pressing her back against his front in silent invitation.

Beast felt a bolt of lust strike straight to his core.  “You sure you’re ready for this?” he asked, giving her one last chance before things got intense.

“I don’t know,” she answered honestly.  “But I’m tired of watching and wondering what it feels like when you fuck the other sweetbutts.”  She caught her lower lips between her teeth and searched his gaze.  When she released it, her mouth was set, and her whiskey eyes were lit with determination.  “I would like to be able to walk when we’re done.”

Beast pulled out an inch and pushed in deeper.  “Little girl, I had to carry you in here,” he reminded her.  “Do you really expect to walk out?”




The Midnight Raiders MC Series by Claire Marta and Nia Farrell debuts 12 April 2022 in the Twisted Steel: Third Edition. The anthology is up for pre-order, specially priced at 99¢. We hit the USA TODAY list with the second edition and hope the next one will be even more successful.

The book Claire and I are writing for it is MM, but we expect the second book in the series to be MMF. This new series is a unique take on a popular genre. We hope readers will enjoy it as much as we love writing it.

The series is set in Edwardsville, Illinois, home of a Route 66 festival where our Book 1 main characters meet. To research, I made a trip to this year’s festival, took lots of pictures, and wrote from first-hand observation. The century-old Sears and Roebuck house, local businesses, and clubhouse in the series are pure invention but fun to write. We can’t wait to show them to you!