(Voyages of the Heart Volume 5)

        by Alyssa Drake, Amy Allen, Annalise Alexis, Ashlee Shades, Autumn Sand,         Bella Emy, Brian Miller, Carrie Humphrey, Jade Royal, Jas T. Ward, Lilly Black, Katherine LE White, Maggie Adams, Maria Vickers, Natalie-Nicole Bates, Nia Farrell, Patricia D. Eddy, Roux Cantrell, Sandra R. Neeley, and Tamsen Schultz.

Release Date December 5, 2019.

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Cities around the world have their own charming allure which pulls you in, allowing you to enjoy their secrets. They offer love, passion, laughter, healing, and even heartbreak. The authors have penned these emotions and more into their stories one page at a time. Pack your luggage to join us on our voyage of the heart. Our next destination: Venice: Christmas!

There is so much to discover in Venice. The quaint houses, lovely cafes, and popular attractions needed more than just one visit. We’ve decided to cruise the waters one more time to see the magic that can be brought alive for Christmas. This time, the brilliant city of Venice will be cultivated by bright lights, festive decor, and holiday romance. Welcome back to “The Floating City”.


With Love from Venice: Christmas includes

The Exception to His Rules

by Nia Farrell



Cinema god Sterling Foster has it all. Fame. Wealth. Adoration. Every woman wants the “Sterling Silver Fox” except his temporary personal assistant Valerie Worthington. A natural submissive, her indifference to the English Dominant is a mystery that he’s determined to unravel.

Ree has nothing against her new boss beyond the company he keeps.  One of a half-dozen film-industry Brits known as the Six Pack, the world’s most eligible bachelor is proving a distraction she can’t afford and a temptation she can’t resist.  She wonders, if they spend Christmas in Venice together, can she walk away unscathed?

The Exception to His Rules by Nia Farrell is an agegap BDSM erotic romance written for Ages 18+.

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December in Venice was cold enough without Valerie’s icy disdain.

She was careful to not show it around others, proving that she was every bit the actor that her brother was.  Early on, the flaxen-haired twins had done a film together.  Only Val had stuck with it, moving on to bigger and better roles.  With two supporting actor nominations under his belt, the rising star was hopeful that his role in Vermilion would solidify him as leading man material and garner his first best actor nominations and wins.

Knuckles rapped on the door exactly at five AM.  Sterling opened the door to find his perfectly put-together, perfectly dour assistant standing in the hall.  She was dressed for the day in a white silk blouse, gray slacks, and sensible flats.  She carried her purse and coat over her arms.

Her long, blonde hair was scraped back in a ponytail that was perfect for fisting.  From behind the oversized lenses perched on her nose, resentment shone from the depths of her aquamarine eyes.  Her sinfully plump lips were pressed tightly together, making her look so sour, she could have been sucking on a lemon.

Be kind.

“Good morning to you, too,” he said blithely, taking small satisfaction in the slight roll of her eyes.  He was keeping track.  If he ever had the chance to spank that perfect arse of hers, he intended to make her pay for every slight that she’d ever given him.

“Are you ready?” she asked, her voice so devoid of emotion, she could have been a robot.  The glint of combat in her eye and a quick verbal jab told him otherwise.  “I’m certain that Captain De Luca is waiting.”

Roberto De Luca was responsible for getting them to work each day.  The rest of the cast and crew were on the mainland, closer to the warehouse in Porto Marghera that had been converted into a sound stage.  Sterling stayed where he always did, across the lagoon at the Hotel Danieli in Venice.  Valerie was next door in Natalie’s old room and she hated it.  Not the elegant hotel or the beautiful room but the fact that she had no choice.  He’d made her move and she resented it.  She didn’t want to be here at all, let alone in a room adjoining his with only one set of doors between them that they both kept tightly bolted.

Sterling blessed her with a smile that had sold millions of movie tickets in a career spanning thirty-eight years.  “I’m certain that he is,” he agreed.  Pulling on his coat, he picked up his briefcase and locked the door behind him.  “After you.”

The walk to the elevator was blessedly silent….  The ride down was filled with fantasies featuring Valerie on her knees… or flattened against the elevator wall….  But like Goldilocks, she wanted nothing to do with him.  She only wanted what he could provide—catered meals, a canvas chair, and a bed where she could nap if she needed.  With the long days that they put in, she’d been crashing at her brother’s trailer instead of using the empty bed in his.

Not that he could blame her.  People were quick to gossip.  One picture by the paparazzi and tabloids had paired them together.  There had been dozens of photos since then, published under headlines like “Sterling Silver Fox and His Goldilocks” with articles speculating on how soon they’d tie the knot.

As.  If.




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The Six Pack Series

The Six Pack

Six Dominants, all in the film industry, all sworn bachelors.

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