by Nia Farrell

Length 12,806 words

Part of the With Love from Dublin (Voyages of the Heart 3) Anthology with Allison LaFleur | Alyssa Drake | Amy Cecil | Amy McKinley | Ashlee Shades | Bella Emy |Brian Miller | Erin Lee | G. L. Finch | Gracie Wilson | Jade Royal | Katherine L.E. White Maria Vickers | Nia Farrell | Rosie Chapel | Roux Cantrell | Samatha Harris


Release Date September 26, 2019

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Fulfilling a deathbed promise, photographer Eve Spencer scatters her mother’s ashes on a journey that ends in Dublin.  She hopes to make peace with her past there and finds her future instead.

Conall Whelan is from a family of faoladh—Irish wolf shifters who provide protection and guidance.  He recognizes Eve as his fated mate but to claim her, he must keep her safe from an Unseelie Court fae who’s followed her from the Dark Hedges.

A paranormal shifter erotic romance, written for Ages 18+


“Eve, I don’t care if ye hold a black belt in something and can defend yerself better than most.  I’m asking ye to do me a favor.  Stay until we’re done playing.  Please,” he begged, a note of pleading in the timbre of his voice.  “If worry gets hold, I fear that words will flee and meh tongue will fail.”

He was talking about singing, but thoughts of what else he could do with his tongue and those incredibly sensual hands of his made her squirm in her seat.  Damn it.  If she’d worn jeans, she might be able to get the seam just right and rock herself off when the music started again.

Conall grabbed his beer and drank deeply, throat muscles working while she watched in rapt fascination.

He caught her looking and leaned on the table, making his own interest known.  “Wait for me,” he crooned.  The tone of his voice and the panty-melting look he gave her made it easy to overlook his earlier attitude.  “I’ll make certain that ye get home safe and sound.”

She didn’t want “safe and sound”.  For once, she wanted to be as wild and reckless as her mother.

Trying to not think about stranger danger and horror stories of tourists going missing on vacation, she dared to meet his gaze.  His eyes were this fascinating mix of color—predominantly blue edging to gray with amber ringing the centers.  Laugh lines at the corners attested to his sense of humor.  He was polite, well-known, and well-liked, judging from his interactions with others.

All things considered, she decided that she could trust him.

When in Rome.

Or Dublin.

Eve was alone in a strange city, sitting with the most attractive man she’d ever met.  The air between them practically crackled with electricity.

He’d offered to walk her home.  He was clearly interested in her, but he hadn’t asked for more.

And she wanted more, dammit.

She could almost hear her mother’s voice in her head.  Fortune favors the bold.

Eve drew a breath and centered herself.  In her mind, she pictured the two of them together.  She looked at his lips and wondered how they would feel ravishing her mouth and feasting on her flesh.  She remembered his fingers weaving magic with his guitar and imagined his hands discovering her body.

What it would be like to have this gorgeous man surging inside her, filling her beyond measure?

When she spoke again, she barely recognized her voice, grown husky with arousal.

“My place or yours?” she asked.

Her question surprised him.  Hell, it surprised her.  Living with her mother, watching men and women come and go but never stay for long, she’d decided she was more like her father.  Patrick Doyle Spencer had been more passionate about screenwriting than anything else in his life, including his wife.

They’d divorced when Eve was four.

He angled his head, considering.  “Does it matter?”

It didn’t.  Not really.  She’d spent too many nights alone.  Her last boyfriend abandoned her when he graduated from college.  She’d learned it on social media after he’d unfriended and blocked her.

It was one more reason to hate the internet that her mother was forcing her to use.

Thankfully, Conall wasn’t Jacob.  He was a gorgeous Irish musician with Ed Sheeran’s voice and Eric Clapton’s hands.

She couldn’t wait to feel them on her.

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Cities around the world have their own charming allure which pulls you in, allowing you to enjoy their secrets. They offer love, passion, laughter, healing, and even heartache.

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This voyage of love encompasses romance with an Irish twist that will have you kissing the Blarney Stone for a chance at true love. Being the perfect city to explore, each story is bound to bring you surprises along the journey. Ancient, present, and future combine when hearts mend together, forming their own traditions of song and dance. Known for its culture, power, and intelligence, Dublin will lure you into its magical grasp. Are you ready to risk your heart in Dublin?



Allison LaFleur | Alyssa Drake | Amy Cecil | Amy McKinley | Ashlee Shades | Bella Emy  Brian Miller | Erin Lee | G. L. Finch | Gracie Wilson | Jade Royal | Katherine L.E. White Maria Vickers | Nia Farrell | Rosie Chapel | Roux Cantrell | Samatha Harris





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