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AVENGING ANGELS MC SEASON ONE: Keeper—The Avenging Angels MC Introduction, Find Her, Keeper, Loser, Reaper by Nia Farrell. Updated length: 200,362 words. Release date November 29, 2019. Follow me at Amazon and BookBub for release alerts.

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What happens when MC meets erotic romance? Find out when you enter the world created by award-winning author Nia Farrell. The Season One box set includes the updated introductory short story and books 1-4. Written for ages 18+. Includes:




Expanded length: 2,834 words. Originally published June 1, 2017.

Teasers and Excerpt: http://bit.ly/AAMCintroWP


Luke “Mad Dog” McLanahan and Isabella Castellari have a history. Kind of. He’s a member of the Avenging Angels MC and one of four brothers whom she thinks slept with her sister. Or did they? Nothing is as it seems. Isabella’s world is turned upside down when lies are exposed, truths revealed, and the man she’s been fantasizing about for three long years makes her an offer that she should refuse but can’t.



Length 40,669 words. Originally published date June 8, 2017.

~A 2018 Golden Flogger Finalist for Best BDSM Book of the Year~

Teasers & Excerpt http://bit.ly/AAMC1WP


Rose McLanahan is the princess of the Avenging Angels MC, daughter of its president and sister to four of its members, including Vice President Luke “Mad Dog” McLanahan. But Rose has a secret. She wants out of the clubhouse—and getting her CPA is her chance to have the normal life that she dreams about.

Michael O’Flaherty is a computer whiz, security systems expert, and an associate of the Avenging Angels MC. He’s Mad Dog’s best friend, as well as his brother in arms. Their days in Marine RECON are put to use when Michael is called in to find the niece of the local mob boss. Krissy Castellari has been kidnapped by a rival club, the Blackwater Demons MC. Michael discovers where she’s being held, but she’s not alone. The Demons have Rose McLanahan, too.

Mad Dog and Michael join forces to extract the girls, but Rose is still in danger, having been promised to the son of the Demon’s president Reaper. Mad Dog is tasked with returning Krissy to her family, and Michael agrees to take Rose away until it’s safe for her to return. War has been declared. Blood will be spilled. Alone in the Angels’ safehouse, the Dominant Michael and submissive Rose will finally discover each other.




Updated length 42,626 words. Originally published September 8, 2017.

Teasers and Excerpt http://bit.ly/AAMC2WP

When Avenging Angels MC Vice-President Luke “Mad Dog” McLanahan Mad Dog recognizes Isabella Castellari stranded on a rural country road, remembering her toxic sister, he almost doesn’t stop. Seeing her as an end to a means, he brings her back to the Avenging Angels MC clubhouse and quickly learns that she’s different—very different—than what he expected. She’s a curious innocent, and willing to submit to his domination. But there are complications. A mob boss uncle, protective parents, a traitorous friend, and secrets that have been kept for far too long. Secrets that will either bind them together or tear them apart.




Updated length 44,898 words. Originally published May 8, 2018.

Teasers and Excerpts http://bit.ly/AAMC3WP


They’ve both lost something…

For kindergarten teacher and kidnapping victim Sara Davies, it was a baby. For tattoo artist and Avenging Angels MC member Flynn McGee, it was his chance at a happily ever after. Bullied as a dyslexic teen, the product of a broken home, he struggles daily with self-worth. Sara battles PTSD, anxiety, insomnia, and night terrors that require medication if she has any hope of getting some sleep.

Flynn believes that BDSM would help Sara in her healing process but she’s only done vanilla. She thinks that Flynn needs to share his original artwork with the world. Each of them pushes the other, but the conflict that comes from being outside their comfort zones only fuels their passion.

Their fledgling relationship is put to the test when Sara becomes the target of a dangerous stalker. Can Flynn and the Avenging Angels keep her safe, or will Sara become Reaper’s next victim?




Updated length 69,335 words. Originally published January 18, 2019.

Teasers and excerpts http://bit.ly/AAMC4WP


This dark, gripping Season One finale is loaded with triggers. Consider yourself warned.

Maureen “Mama Mare” McLanahan is the mother of five grown children and married to Patrick “Papa Bear” McLanahan, President of the Avenging Angels MC. For twenty-eight years, she has kept secrets that could shatter her marriage and ruin their lives. When their daughter Rose is kidnapped by their rival Blackwater Demons MC, Mare’s history with the Demons’ President Reaper returns to haunt her.

Rose emerges unscathed, but Mare is taken and brutally used before she’s rescued. Between the Visconti crime family and the Avenging Angels MC, the Blackwater Demons are destroyed—all save one. Reaper escapes. Mare spends the next three years fearing for her daughter and struggling with PTSD from her ordeal.

Reaper eventually resurfaces with a vengeance, taking and using two more women before he’s through. His heinous acts demand justice, but whose hand will wield the sword?



Isabella bit her lip, wondering what God was thinking when her car broke down miles from nowhere and she’d prayed for help. Surely He wouldn’t send Luke McLanahan. But there was no one else in sight. The next man who stopped might just pull her from her car or force his way inside.

The devil she knew seemed the better of the two.

“Can you give me a ride home?” she asked, cringing when she saw his grin flatten.

“You think that’s wise?” He put his arm on the roof and hooked a thumb into his belt loop, drawing her gaze downward to the front of his jeans.

No wonder her sister had crushed on him.


He sighed heavily. “I said, that didn’t work out so well last time.”

Yes, but Krissy had come back half-naked in someone else’s clothes, clinging to Mad Dog’s back, while his three brothers rode shotgun to make sure nothing happened with her dad. They’d heard the rumors. She’d lived with them all her life.

“My folks are gone. If you don’t want the neighbors to see, then drop me off at the gas station by the highway,” she said. “I’ll call my friend Anna to come get me.”

Mad Dog gave her an odd look, then nodded his head. “Get your stuff, close your windows, and lock up. I’ll get you somewhere safe.”

It wasn’t the gas station. He buzzed right by the turn-off and kept going, not stopping until he’d pulled into the Avenging Angels’ gated parking lot, lined with bikes and flanked with vehicles. “Get off and stay close,” he ordered, not bothering to see if she did.

Left with no choice, she shouldered her bag and followed him into the clubhouse.

The air was heavy with more than tobacco smoke and rife with the smell of sex. In what seemed to be the club’s communal room, every piece of furniture was occupied by bikers getting blow jobs, eating pussy, or banging one of the club sluts. In a far corner, she saw Luke’s brother Richie sprawled in a chair, thighs spread wide, while a familiar head bobbed up and down between them.

Isabella’s stomach dropped, and she turned away.

There’d be no help from Anna tonight.

Mad Dog grabbed her wrist and pulled her after him. She went, helpless to do anything else. In here, she needed his protection… even if it came at a price.

He opened a door and dragged her inside what looked to be his bedroom. A small flat-screen TV sat on a scarred maple chest of drawers. The desk beside it held a printer and a laptop computer, its screen as black as Mad Dog’s soul.

Two interior doors led to what was likely a closet and what she hoped was a bathroom. “Is there somewhere I can wash up?”

They both knew she was stalling for time. He humored her anyway. “On the left,” he said, smirking. “Don’t get lost.”

As if she could. It was the tiniest bathroom that she’d ever seen. The stool and sink were opposite each other, so close, she could nearly use them both. The shower was better, spanning the other wall, roomy enough for a man Mad Dog’s size and likely big enough to share.

She used two squares of tissue to lower the seat so she could go, then did a surgical scrub on her hands. Pulling up her knit top, she covered her fingers and twisted the doorknob.

Mad Dog was looking at her e-reader.


He grinned like the very devil. “Seems little sister has a thing for MC’s. Who’d have guessed?”

“They’re just books,” she snapped, plucking the reader from his hand and sticking it back in her bag. “Fiction. Just because I read it doesn’t mean I want it in real life.”

“Krissy did,” he drawled. “She wanted gang banged. Trouble is, she hooked up with the wrong club. She’s lucky we came along when we did. You might not have seen her again.”

Isabella felt her legs start to buckle. Mad Dog caught her and pulled her to sit beside him on the bed.

She stared up at him, remembering, wondering how she could have gotten it so wrong.

Krissy. Prissy Krissy. Too proud to admit where she’d been, she’d said nothing, just let them think she’d spent the night with Mad Dog and his brothers.

And now her best friend was banging one of them.

Isabella hoped it was only one.

“What about Anna?”

He tsked. “Don’t give me that look. I’m not my brother’s keeper. Richie’s been seeing her for two months or so now. They seem… fond of each other.”

“Fond?” She barked a laugh. “Is that what you call it?”

He angled his head. “You don’t have to be fond of someone to give them a blow job. You don’t even have to like them.” He fastened his gaze on her mouth. “You just have to be willing… and understand the rules. Only one of us gets to bite, and it’s not you, Isabella.”

He reached for her breast, then, and she let him. Three years of forbidden fantasies were suddenly within her grasp. His was hard enough to bruise.

“My rules. My way,” he growled, pinching her nipple and making her moan. “I like it rough, little girl. You have no idea. I doubt that you can handle me, but if you want to try….”

Did she?

Isabella’s mouth went dry, and she wet her lips. “How rough?”

Mad Dog caught her chin and pushed his thumb into her mouth. “Rough,” he rumbled, his blue eyes darkening when she started sucking and teasing it with her tongue. “Spanking. Bondage. My belt, if you beg me for it. I like oral, and I like anal. Say the word, and I’ll take you home. If you stay, you’re gonna get ridden hard and put away wet.”

He pulled his thumb from her mouth and fisted her hair. “Go or stay?” Tugging downward and lifting her chin, he forced her face up to meet his heated gaze.