(Guarded Hearts Order of the Dragon Book 5)

by Claire Marta and Nia Farrell

Length: 58,542 words. Cover Design by Crystal Visions.

Release Date June 11, 2022

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A woman with secrets and a man with a past in an unusual second-chance romance.

Kathryn “Kit” Carson dreams of opening a riding school, but between her father Ed’s drinking and gambling, she’s barely keeping the family ranch afloat. When debt forces Ed to rent two empty barns, Kit is wary of their tenant, suspecting illegal activities. Caught snooping, she finds herself in over her head with her life on the line.

Blaze is part of The Order of the Dragon, whose members comprise the Hell’s Fury MC Las Vegas Chapter. A gargoyle warrior who’s survived tragedy and bloodshed, he lives with guilt from his distant past. Called to protect and defend, when he crosses paths with a desperate young woman, he doesn’t hesitate to save her.

Kit can’t afford to trust the handsome shifter who offers her sanctuary, but she can’t deny she’s inexplicably drawn to him. With her secrets exposed comes the realization that she is Blaze’s fated mate.

When danger follows Kit, Blaze fears that history is repeating itself. The past and the present are on a collision course, and one of them may not survive.

This steamy paranormal romance contains adult situations and possible triggers. Written for Ages 18+.

The eleven books in Guarded Hearts Order of the Dragon Series feature members of the Hell’s Fury MC, Las Vegas NV Chapter, who appear as secondary characters in the original Guarded Hearts Series. While this book centers on the two main characters, reading the previous books in the Guarded Hearts Order of the Dragon Series is recommended, beginning with Hell’s Fury MC: Dangerous Curves (Guarded Heart Order of the Dragon Book 1).

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Excerpt 1 (PG13):

Four weeks had passed since her father made a deal with those men. The next night, she’d heard the distant sound of trucks heading toward the two old barns. She’d wondered what they were transporting under cover of darkness. She grew even more suspicious after seeing armed men posted outside the structures.

Construction equipment, her ass. Whatever they had in the barns was worth a helluva lot more than that. Either her father was oblivious, or he was turning a blind eye to what was going on.

Kit was worried that the situation they had gotten themselves into would be far more trouble than it was worth.

Standing on the porch, she glanced across the yard to the paddock and stable, restlessness trickling through her. She’d already mucked out the stalls and seen to the horses. The chickens needed feeding, and eggs had to be gathered.

Her father was in his chair in front of the TV, snoring softly, a half-finished bottle of beer cradled against his chest. He wasn’t going to be any help. Ed Carson rarely was.

Kit sighed. It was never going to change. Unless business picked up where they could afford to hire help, she would be the only one doing things around here.

Grabbing a wicker basket, she skipped down the steps and walked across the yard. The chickens were clucking quietly and pecking lazily at the ground, warming under the mid-morning sun. Thankfully, today promised to be milder than yesterday’s blistering heat.

She scattered the chicken feed, refilled the watering stations, and headed to the back of the coop to check the nesting boxes. They had a flock of good laying hens that provided them with eggs. What she didn’t keep got sold, bringing in a bit of money that was sorely needed. She did the same with the jams and fruit she canned, keeping some and selling the rest. Even the vegetables she grew went to make an earning.

Other chickens went in the stew pot, sometimes with vegetables and noodles added, yielding cans of meat, broth, and soup to stock their pantry. Cooking and canning were some of the homesteading skills she’d learned from her Aunt Mary. She had ensured Kit could be as self-sufficient as possible, with the ability to survive on the ranch without relying on others.

The only thing she couldn’t do was tend to the horses when they got sick. Dr. Laskaris was always on hand, though, if anything happened. He was a shifter (although she wasn’t sure what kind), but he had a way with horses that put them at ease.

There were plenty of eggs to find when she checked the straw, plucking them up from where they were nestled to place in her basket. Finished gathering, she left the hens to eat and headed back to the house.

Kit had a few hours before she had to start lunch. Still feeling restless, she knew that a ride would help.

Hurrying into the house, she set the filled basket on the kitchen table and transferred the eggs to empty cartons. Dating and stacking them in the refrigerator, she washed her hands in the sink and dried them on a hand towel she kept beside it. Satisfied with her morning’s labors, she checked on her sleeping father before heading out.

Striding toward the stable, she gave the east barns a thoughtful glance. A flash of white caught her eye, the T-shirt of one of the men stationed outside them. Was he armed? Most likely. The thought of handguns on the property made Kit shiver. She didn’t like violence.

Reaching the paddock, she chose Merry, the black-and-white pinto mare, to ride. She liked to alternate between the horses to make sure they all got to stretch their legs. Saddling the mare, she gathered the reins, led Merry out of the paddock, and closed the gate behind them. Putting her hand on the pommel, she was ready to mount up when a flurry of motion at the barn caught her eye.

What in heaven’s name was happening? What was going on? Asking her father would get her nowhere. She’d already tried. The only way she would get answers was to check it out herself, but she needed to be wise. The men in their kitchen had struck her as dangerous. If they realized she was snooping, there’d be hell to pay.

Excerpt 2 (NSFW):

Driven by desperation rooted in the distant past, Blaze kissed her fiercely, letting her feel the strength of his passion. His Joan responded, parting her lips to deepen their kiss. Tongues dueled, tested, tasted, tangling in an erotic dance that stole his breath and left him hungry for more.

Grabbing the long cushion from Maria Perez’s lounge chair, he pulled it onto the ground near the fire and laid Joan on top of it. Stretching out beside her, he kissed her fiercely, sliding his thigh over hers to wedge his knee between her legs. He kissed her again, whispering his love in Old French, hearing her vow the same. Moving his hand from her face to her neck, he slid it down, encountering the swell of her unbound breast. Spreading his fingers, he claimed the crest, tightening his hold and feeling her response.

She moaned into his mouth, her hips shifting restlessly, silently begging for more when she was too shy to ask for it.

But he needed the words. He must know beyond doubt that she wanted this, too. He was trying to earn redemption, and fucking with a saint would set him back years, if not eons.

“Tell me,” he whispered in English. “Tell me what you want. Name it, and it’s yours.”

“You,” she said simply, eyes heavy-lidded with passion, fingers tugging at his shirt and lifting it for her hands to explore beneath. “I’ve always wanted you. Please…?”

Driven by centuries of unrequited passion, Blaze didn’t waste time stripping. A quick pull left her pantiless, ruining her cotton briefs that he tossed to the side. Undoing the button of his jeans, he eased down his zipper, taking care not to catch anything as he lowered it. Reaching, he pulled his erection out of his briefs and fisted it, working precum from the tip. One last bit of sanity remained, enough to realize that she’d never be able to handle him without enough foreplay to get her wet and stretch her out.

He cupped her sex and suckled her breast through her nightgown, feeling her sodden folds and inhaling the musk of her arousal. She tilted her pelvis up, meeting his hand and rubbing herself on his fingers. Parting her seam, he stroked her slit and found the hard nub of flesh at its apex. Using two fingers, he polished her pearl, rubbing, circling, catching it between his fingers, and pinching it. At the same time, he sucked her nipple hard into his mouth and tormented the tip with his tongue.

Breathing became a challenge for her. She panted, air sloughing between clenched teeth as she fought to draw enough in to feed her fire. Her breaths became ragged, short, sharp bursts out and labored, extended pulls in. Her thighs quivered, and her body arched, holding for a moment before shattering in his arms.

He pushed his middle finger into her while her walls were still spasming, relishing the feel of her snug little pussy gripping his digit. He started fucking her with it, pushing it, pulling out, going deeper, working until he was buried to the knuckle in her sheath. Pumping his arm, he added a second finger and a third, making her gasp to feel it.

“It’s alright,” he swore. “I need to make sure you can handle me.”

“Please,” she begged him. “I’m so empty, it hurts.”

He was hurting, too. “Are you sure?” he asked, giving her one last chance to stop. After this, he knew there’d be no going back.

“Oui,” she whispered. “Come lie with me and be my love….”

The poem was from another time and place, but it didn’t matter. Nothing did except knowing she was his to have and hold after centuries of empty arms and a wounded heart.

Coming over her, Blaze eased up her hem, exposing the wedge of dark curls in the delta of her thighs and settling himself between them. He took himself in hand and stroked her seam, wetting himself on her juices before finding her opening and notching his glans inside. Pushing, he wedged in deeper, breaching her entrance and forging up her passage, stopping when he encountered the proof of her purity. Straightening his elbows, he looked at the young woman beneath him. Her languorous eyes were glazed with desire, and her perfect lips were swollen from his kisses.

“Look at me,” he ordered. Locking gazes, he snapped his hips and shattered her hymen. She gasped to feel it, tears springing into her eyes. “You’re mine,” he told her, starting to move, determined to make her feel pleasure despite the pain. “You’ve always been mine. You feel it, too, don’t you?”

“Yes,” she choked out, her expression shifting from initial acceptance to looking overwhelmed by what fate had in store.

He drove into her harder than he probably should have, but she moaned and rose to meet him. Encouraged by her body’s response despite a lingering look of trepidation, he made love to her, working his way until he was buried deep inside her.

Heaven. She felt like heaven. He swore he could hear a choir of angels singing at their union and blessing it.

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