from Claire Marta and Nia Farrell

While writing our Guarded Hearts Series, we had to create a library of stories for our reader-heroines and Plundered by Pirates was born! Our new series launches on Black Flag Friday (Nov 26, 2021) with Bound by the Pirate King, a Caribbean swashbuckler set in the early 1800s and inspired by real-life pirates operating in the area at the time.  Ravaged by the Wasteland Warlord (Plundered by Pirates Book 2) will be a post-apocalyptic dark romance. Shanghaied by the Brazen Beast (Plundered by Pirates Book 3) will have a steampunk/gaslight theme. In 2024, we’ll release three titles in a sci-fi trilogy: Stolen by the Sirian Smuggler, Sold by the Sirian Smuggler, and Saved by the Sirian Smuggler, where a porn star abducted from Earth survives a series of misadventures and ends up with an intergalactic reverse harem.  

This series will have it all, with pirates whose weapons range from cutlasses to computers.  There’ll be a little something for everyone—historical, futuristic, sci-fi, dystopian, contemporary, and speculative fiction written with a twist of dark humor and a whole lot of heat.  Think The Princess Bride meets Captain Blood, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Mad Max and you’ll see where we’re headed with this.

So… batten down the hatches and mark your calendars.  Pirates are headed your way!



Bound by the Pirate King 26 November 2021

Ravaged by the Wasteland Warlord 25 November 2022

Shanghaied by the Brazen Beast 24 November 2023

Stolen by the Sirian Smuggler 1 November 2024

Sold by the Sirian Smuggler 15 November 2024

Saved by the Sirian Smuggler 29 November 2024

Tempted by the Cunning Corsair 28 November 2025

Taken as the Pirate’s Prize 27 November 2026

Shared by the Viking Horde 26 November 2027