Sale Oct 2019 Ride the Wind2

🎃 Halloween Spooktacular Sale 🎃

26 Books 99¢ Each Only Oct. 5 – 7

Titles include Ride the Wind by Erinn Ellender Quinn (regular price $4.99).


A Bond of Destiny and Dragons by Karen Tomilson: mybook.to/DestinyAndDragons

A Love Like Fire by Tricia Owens: mybook.to/LoveLikeFire

Bear With Me by Nicole Blanchard: https://books2read.com/BearWithMe

Charley’s Christmas Wolf: A Macconwood Pack Novel (The Macconwood Pack Novel Series Book 1) by C.D. Gorri: https://books2read.com/CharleysChristmasWolf

Dragon’s Lore by Julia Mills: mybook.to/DragonsLore

Forbidden Love by Harper Phoenix: http://mybook.to/ForbiddenLoveHP

Forbitten by J. P. Uvalle: mybook.to/Forbitten

FrostBite (The Hunter Chronicles Book 1) by Claire Marta: mybook.to/FrostBite

Guarding My Six by K.J. Porter: mybook.to/GuardingMySix

Hollow: Hollow Duet: Part 1 by D.D. Prince: mybook.to/HollowPart1

Hybrid (A Darker Hollow Book 1) by Shannon West and T.S. McKinney: mybook.to/HybridDarkerHollow

Immortal Hunger by C.D. Gorri et al.: books2read.com/immortalhunger

Incubus Seduction by Emma Jaye: mybook.to/IncubusSeduction

Improper Love by RJ Truman & SK Clarke: https://goo.gl/mnBTJv

Luminosity by Stacy McWilliams: mybook.to/Luminosity

Midnight Touch by L. Ann: mybook.to/MidnightTouch

Mirror, Mirror by Tami Lund: https://books2read.com/MirrorMirrorTamiLund

Not So Wicked by T. A. Moorman: www.books2read.com/NotSoWicked

Portents Part 1 by Ruth Redd: mybook.to/Portents

Prophecy of Magic: A Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Collection by Claire Marta et al.: https://books2read.com/u/bWBK20

Ride the Wind (Touch the Wind Book 2) by Erinn Ellender Quinn: mybook.to/TouchTheWindBook2

Sera’s Dragon (Fire Mates 1) by Lexxie Couper: https://books2read.com/SerasDragon

Shift (Southern Werewolves Book 1) by Heather MacKinnon: mybook.to/ShiftMacKinnon

SYN Consulting: Dragon War Chronicles Book One by A.G. Carothers: mybook.to/SYNConsulting

Tempted by a Vampire by Susan Griscom: mybook.to/TemptedVampire

The Dragon Lord: Eternal Love Bite’s, Paranormal Romance That Rocks (Dragon Legacy Book 4) by P.T. Macias: mybook.to/TheDragonLord

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