The Three Graces Trilogy



THE THREE GRACES TRILOGY: scheduled for reissue January 2019

Three women.  Six men.  Things are about to get interesting.

The Three Graces Series by Nia Farrell – BDSM erotic romances from Dark Hollows Press.  SOMETHING ELSE, SOMETHING DIFFERENT, and SOMETHING MORE (nominated for Best BDSM Book of the Year, Ménage Category, 2016 Golden Flogger Awards).

Reviewers on The Three Graces series by Nia Farrell:  “As a reader who enjoys the complexities of ménage-fueled romances I’m thrilled to have discovered the Three Graces series and the erotic and intense storylines found within the pages….. add all of them to your bookshelf for hours of steamy fun!”  “Each book gets better and better.”

Reviewers on SOMETHING ELSE (MMF soulmates ménage): “It’s part paranormal, part BDSM, part love story, but all good….” “Imaginative and sexy” “A likeable, strong heroine and two very hot heroes” “I am a strong believer in psychic abilities so for me this book was a HOME RUN! I loved the storyline and the sex – WOW – talk about HOT!!!” “Jam-packed with just about everything a reader can imagine (and fantasize about)!…Nico is…hotter than hot! …J.T. is a total alpha and literally makes the pages (and your panties) sizzle.  Rated FIVE STARS at Barnes & Noble, 4.9 at Amazon.

Reviewers on SOMETHING DIFFERENT (MFM rock stars ménage): “Sexy and sultry”  “Fun and hot…This ménage à trois, featuring two sexy rock star brothers and a talented musician, will leave you breathless and wanting for more.” “Nia Farrell did not disappoint. Although Something Different is a heavier BDSM read than its predecessor, it was well written and flowed well. I cannot wait for more in this series.”  Rated FIVE STARS at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads.

Reviewers on SOMETHING MORE (MFM waitress/biker/porn star ménage + secret baby):  “The WARNING for this book should be STEAMY HOT & Panty Melting….”  “Anyone can write a story that has great sex scenes but give me a story along with the sex and you’ve got yourself a HUGE fan!  Rachel Givens and her daughter Hannah stole my heart immediately….Cam and Cord swooped in and not only filled Rachel’s heart with love and forgiveness but they also reached Hannah’s – which is a difficult task in itself. Just an amazing story!”  Rated FIVE STARS at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads.  Nominated for Best BDSM Book of the Year, Ménage Category, 2016 Golden Flogger Awards.


THE THREE GRACES TRILOGY – one book, three stories. Coming in e-book and paperback.



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